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Clover Pins /1set
--Silk Pins--
Perfect pins for appliqué work since they are only 0.5mm x 36mm long. With it's small size, the appliqué pin is the best way to place your appliqué pieces to fabrics. It's fine point doesn't damage your fabrics. suitable for thin fabrics.
Head is made of iron proof glass.
100 pins/case.
Size: 0.5 x 36 mm.

--Patchwork Pins--
Extra fine cloth type with sharp needle tips. The head is also made of glass that is safe for the heat of the iron.
100 pins/case.
Size: 0.4 x 36 mm.
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
15121-Patchwork   Patchwork Pins (Extra fine) 786 4
15121-Silk   Silk Pins 586 6
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