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Clover Flower Head Pins /1set
You can choose properly according to the fabric. Since the front and back of the needle head are light and dark, it is easy to understand for darker fabrics and thinner fabrics.
For knitting, secure thick knitted fabric to the ironing board firmly.
A large head that is difficult to come off from the knitted fabric and a long pointed needle tip are suitable for fixing the knitted fabric.
  • Brand: clover

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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    15124-31999   31-999 for Thin fabric
    0.45mm x 50mm x 20pcs
    350 3
    15124-32000   32-000 for Medium fabric
    0.55mm x 50mm x 20pcs
    350 3
    15124-32001   32-001 for Thick fabric
    0.7mm x 50mm x 20pcs
    350 2
    15124-55-201   55-201 Finish Head Pins for Knitting
    0.7mm x 54mm x 100pcs
    950 2
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