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Padico Jewel Labyrinth : UV resin / 1pc
Padico UV Resin "Drops from the Sun" is transparent resin gel which cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
The resin has been improved in quality with high transparency and stronger adhesiveness. New Padico resin has three hardness: Hard, Soft, and Gummy. You can choose one suits for your piece.

The new resin has two main characteristics. Can be mixed two types of resins and make your hardness resin. Can be used different types for different purposes in a piece. Unlike 2-part epoxy resins, Padico resin is "ready for use", no mixing required. Use just the amount you need without waste resin and time. Padico resin gives a very clean, transparent look and has outstanding hardness properties.
New resin has three hardness types: Hard, Soft, and Gummy. You can choose the hardness for your piece.
  • Curing time:
    2 - 10 minsminutes with UV light (36w),
    10 - 30 minutes under the sun of fine day,
    30 - 60 minutes under the sun of cloudy day
    *Do NOT use UV Resin in direct sunlight.
    It will be to fast, to be cured.
    Do NOT left UV resin for a long time under the fluorescent light to avoid curing in air.
  • Use gloves, glasses, and apron to protect the direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing.
  • Adhesive strength of cured UV resin on smooth surface of a plated metal accessory is not strong enough.
    Stick it together with the glue if it comes off.
    Nail Polish works well to stick the UV gel on a metal surface. Paint the polish on the surface before pouring the resin.
    Sandpaper on the surface is also workable.
  • Ingredient: Acrylic resin
  • Brand: Padico

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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    Gummy type
    Suitable for jelly-like taste accessories.
    25 gram
    1,620 0 X
    15520-Hard   Hard type
    Suitable for accessories and metal fittings.
    25 gram
    1,620 0
    15520-Soft   Soft type
    With this soft type, you can re-shape your creation with cutter after cured.
    25 gram
    1,620 0
    15520-ref2   UV resin refill only ( hard type 200)
    200 gram
    8,120 1
    15520-ref1   UV resin refill only ( hard type 100)
    100 gram
    4,620 0
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