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Tamiya Clay Chroma / 1pc
Mix together with Polymer Clay or Lightweight Clay to form colored clays to create different miniature sweets replicas. Water-based nature makes them easy to work with and effortless to clean up. Item Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate are recommended for use with Polymer Clay while Item Cookie is recommended for Lightweight Clay. Each tube contains 11ml.
  • Size: 11ml
  • Brand: Tamiya

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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    16648-Blueberry   Blueberry
    Dark purple color
    237 7
    16648-Chocolate   Chocolate
    Dark brown color
    237 3
    16648-Cookie   Cookie 237 4
    16648-Strawberry   Strawberry
    Bright red color
    237 5
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