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Angelus Paint Additives 4 oz /1pc
  • 2-Hard Do you need to paint plastic or other hard surfaces? Then Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces such as plastic or glass. Angelus 2-Hard promotes adhesion and film hardness.
    • Mix with Angelus Acrylic Paints: 50% 2-Hard for flexible surfaces, 75% 2-Hard for rigid surfaces.
    • Apply multiple thin coats until you obtain full and even coverage.
    • Allow to dry for 48 hours.
  • 2-Soft An absolute must-have when working on fabrics such as the sock-liner of shoes and other soft fabrics. When heat-set properly, this Fabric Medium will help keep your fabrics nice and soft after being painted.
    • Mix Angelus 2-Soft with Angelus Acrylic Paints in a 1:1 ratio.
    • Apply multiple coats until you obtain full and even coverage.
    • Allow paint to completely dry.
    • Heat-set using a heatgun at 300º F for 3-5 minutes (this step is REQUIRED
  • 2-Thin 2-Thin is perfect when you need to thin out our Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint. It keeps your shoe paint from clumping on a mesh surface, and it's great when you're using airbrush for your customization.
    For airbrush applications, we suggest using a 1 part 2-thin to 4 parts paint ratio (1:4).
  • Brand: Angelus

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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    16939-2h   2-Hard 1,680 9
    16939-2s   2-Soft 1,680 0 X
    16939-2t   2-Thin ( 4 oz ) 1,280 2
    16939-du   Duller 1,980 2
    16939-2tp   2-Thin ( 1pint 472 ml ) 4,600 0 X
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