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DVD: Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Fabrication with Helen Driggs (English) / 1set
Take your skills and jewelry designs to the next level with the versatility of metal jewelry making.
Table of Contents
  • Metalsmith Essentials: Part 1
    • Introduction: Metal Types and Gauges
    • Measuring Metal
    • Sawing Patterns
    • Filing and Finishing Edges
    • Filing Shapes and Textures

  • Metalsmith Essentials: Part 2
    • Punching and Drilling
    • Stamping Patterns
    • Notching and Scraping
    • Hammering Shapes and Textures
    • Forging and Forming
ISBN: 9781596684119
Run Time: 132 minutes
Language: English
Discs: 2
Region: Universal
Join artist and experienced metalsmith Helen Driggs in 9 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to fabricate metal jewelry pieces! Take your skills and jewelry designs to the next level with the versatility of metal jewelry making.

Master metalsmithing basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills with these essential techniques for getting started with metal, including how-tos in sawing, filing, hammering, forging, and much more!

Discover the different types of metal and learn how to use them in your own jewelry. Making expert techniques easy to use, Helen covers the fundamentals of metal jewelry making with copper, brass, and silver metals.

Enter a new era in your jewelry designs as you:

** Stay safe and get started the right way with a comprehensive metal jewelry making tools and materials overview.
** Master metalsmithing must-knows: punch and drill holes for your own cold connections, saw shapes for one-of-a-kind jewelry designs, and more.
** Make your mark on your metal jewelry designs with texturing, stamping, and forming. ** Discover the “secrets of the bench” with tricks to making the most of your metal. ** Add dimension and intrigue to your pieces with grove and fold techniques. ** Create professional-quality metal jewelry designs with filing and finishing how-tos. ** And more!

Plus! Learn Helen’s tricks to making your own sanding stick, sawing out your own designs, creating a sample texture bracelet, and more!

Watch two full hours of exciting metal jewelry making essentials on your own time. This two-part set allows you to start and stop when it’s convenient for you. Get a front-row seat to this master metal jewelry making class you can watch again and again!

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