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Latch Hook Rug Needle /1pc
This is an easy tool to use for making yarn rugs or wall hangings, using short pre-cut pieces of yarn with a canvas backing. Bent and Straight.Wooden Handle.

How to Hook a Rug:
  1. Place yarn around the shaft below the swinging latch.
    Fold or loop the yarn around the shaft.
  2. Push the hook under a horizontal canvas bar and back up to the top.
  3. Take the ends of the loop and put them over the canvas bar, through the latch and under the actual hook.
    (Place ends of yarn between the latch and the hook.)
  4. Pull on the hook to close the latch over the yarn ends.
  5. Almost done.
  6. Close the latch and pull firmly on the hook handle so that you're pulling the yarn ends back under the canvas bar and through the original loop.

  • Brand: Susan Bates

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