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NT cutter For Precison Work Knife / 1pc
  • This is a Swivel Knife by NT Cutter. The head of the knife can turn 360 degrees and will cut in the direction that the knife is being pulled.
  • It comes with a safety cap to protect the blade as well as to protect you when the knife is not in use.
  • It also comes with one packages of 5 blades (30 degrees) and a plastic piece that used to hold the chuck area in place when replacing blades. The blades come in a small plastic case so they are protected.
  • The knife is designed to help you cut curves easier in one fluid motion.
  • Refill : BDA or BDC type
  • Brand: NT Cutter
  • Blade refill click here

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    20632-500   D-500GP (non-swivel knife) 630 0
    20632-600   SW-600GP 730 1
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