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Leather grinder replacement blade type/1unit
A lightweight and compact household leather lapping machine has been released from Japan's machine manufacturer NIPPY.
The feature is the size no matter what.
The unprecedented A4 size body is very lightweight compared to conventional leather looms with a weight of 12 kg, so it can be moved and stored anywhere you like.
In addition, since the blade is a replaceable blade type, it can be revived immediately by replacing it when it becomes dull.
There is no need to grind or adjust the position of the blade while flying the sparks.
The front panel can be changed, and the body color is a fashionable specification that can be selected from black and white.
You can choose according to your taste and the atmosphere of the studio.
It is one of the first leather leather machines and a recommended sub-machine for work.

Blade: 1 + 5 pcs
Presser foot: 20mm and 40mm

We also sell only face panels, so please inquire.
  • Brand: Craftsha

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    Note: Input Voltage of this product might not suitable for your country
    You might need "Step up" or "Step Down" transformer

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    We will prepare it, AFTER your payment, please allow 10-14 days for delivery

      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    21879-0101   .Grinder 01Black-01wood grainA 173,000 0
    21879-0102   .Grinder 01Black-02rainbow 173,000 0
    21879-0103   .Grinder 01Black-03wood grainB 173,000 0
    21879-0104   .Grinder 01Black-04flower 173,000 0
    21879-0105   .Grinder 01Black-05carbon 173,000 0
    21879-0201   .Grinder 02White-01wood grainA 173,000 0
    21879-0202   .Grinder 02White-02rainbow 173,000 0
    21879-0203   .Grinder 02White-03wood grainB 173,000 0
    21879-0204   .Grinder 02White-04flower 173,000 0
    21879-0205   .Grinder 02White-05carbon 173,000 0
    21879-pedal   Foot pedal 6,500 0
    21879-handle   Presser foot handle set 19,320 0
    21879-blade   Spare blade 5pcs 3,200 0
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