CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements Swarovski crystal Series #5
"CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements"

Swarovski Crystal beads # 5750 (Skull) / 1pc
Unique and utterly attention-grabbing, the Swarovski Crystal Skull Bead is a stunning masterpiece of crystal design. Its impeccably precise multi-layer cut gives the Skull Bead a profile that is intricately detailed and highly reflective.
Available in two sizes, it can be used in edgier designs or in more elegant jewelry as a darkly romantic statement bead.
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
441-cr   13mm-Crystal Rose 1,080 2
441-db   13mm-Denim Blue 1,080 0 X
441-j   13mm-Jet 1,080 0 X
441-sn   13mm-Silver Night 2x 1,080 1
441-cr   19mm-Crystal Rose 1,880 0 X
441-db   19mm-Denim Blue 1,880 0 X
441-j   19mm-Jet 1,880 1
441-sn   19mm-Silver Night 2x 1,880 0 X
441-rm   13mm-Red Magma 1,080 0 X
441-rm   19mm-Red Magma 1,880 0 X
441-mb   13mm-Metallic Blue 2x 1,080 0 X
441-mb   19mm-Metallic Blue 2x 1,880 0 X
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