Leather craftComponent for bag, purse, etc

Magnet button Snap closure ( prong type ) / 1set
Available in 3 sizes (each size 3 colors)
d diameter Color
12mm N, G, AG
14mm N, G, AG
18mm N, G, AG

This product can be BACK ORDERED
You can buy even though stock is not available (or not enough).
Attention : Usually it takes like 1 weeks until we can get the stock and send to you.

  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
#e6ebe5 xx12mm N -not continued- 227 0
#f2db57 xx12mm G -not continued- 227 0
#838c3b xx12mm AG -not continued- 227 0
#e6ebe5 14mm N 227 4
#f2db57 14mm G 227 18
#838c3b 14mm AG 227 3
#e6ebe5 18mm N 227 2
#f2db57 18mm G 227 2
#838c3b 18mm AG 227 2
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