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Silicon mold maker : Cold mold (USA) / 1set

Now you can make a rubber mold for wax injection or clay making, without heat and without mixing and pouring liquids. This 0% shrinkage silicone rubber is a 2-part putty that you simply knead together and then press into a standard mold frame to cure under pressure, without heat for 15-30 minutes. Packaged in two containers, part A (white) and part B (purple) of total 30grams
  • Working Time: 2 min. (approx)
  • Cure Time: 15 - 30 min. (approx)
  • Shrinkage: 0%
  • Tensile Strength: 400 psi
  • Tear Strength: 55 ppi
  • Elongation: 375%
  1. Knead the two parts (white and purple) compound until the color is uniform.
  2. Press the pattern into th compound, then allow mold to cure (about 10-15min) After Your curing time your mold is ready.
  3. Press your unfired metal clay (or not yet oven polymer clay) onto to the mold
  4. Remove your clay carefully and fire it using oven
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