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Pearl drill machine PD-100 or PD-200 (Japan made) / 1set

Pearl Drilling Machine , Made in Japan

This is the genuine Japanese pearl drilling lathe, the first and best pearl drilling machine on the market, far superior to the less expensive Chinese copies on the market. The difference is the quality of the components and the care of assembly, resulting in a pearl drilling machine that will drill perfectly aligned holes time and time again, for many years to come.
How It Works:
The Japanese pearl drilling lathe produces a perfectly drilled hole with no deformation caused by the drill exiting the hole. That is because the lathe has a holding jig that allows for turning the pearl 180o while maintaining perfect alignment. Simply mount the pearl using the appropriate set of pearl or bead holders from the accessories kit, then begin drilling the pearl by bringing the holding jig up against the stationary drilling motor with the appropriate sized pearl drill attached. When you are approximately half way thru the pearl, pull back the lever on the holding jig all the way to the point where the holding jig unlocks from it's current position, and rotate the holding jig 180o to begin drilling into the pearl exactly where the halfway drilled hole is. The holding jig locks into position exactly at the correct spot. The result is a perfectly drilled hole with no "exit wound" damage caused by the drill bit.

This unit is meant for production work, and has two catch trays on either side of the holding jig for keeping the drilled pearls together as you work from pearl to pearl.
  • Enchanced drilling accuracy
  • Less stain to the motor extending operation life
  • Easy to change the pearl chuck
  • Weight only 2.4Kg
  • Attachment container included as the standart equipment

  • Set include :
    Pearl chuck (1 each) (3·5·7·9·11mm)
    single head spanner 7mm 2pcs
    drill chuck handle 1pc
    instruction manual
    Optional Special shape pearl drill bit
    Special diameter drill chuck :

    AC100V 50/60Hz
    200-240 Volt special order(1month)
    drill speed
    6000/6500 rpm's
    Max diameter of pearl35mm (with optional chuck)

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