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Sculpey Liquid / 1pc

  • Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) is liquid polymer clay, and it opens a whole new arena for artists and crafters alike! It is a bakable transfer medium for the new millennium! When artist's oil paints are mixed with it, it can be an enamel, a glaze, or a backfilling compound. When pigments or mica powders are mixed with it, it can be a stipple, a metallic glaze, or a grout for polymer clay mosaics.
  • TLS is a fantastic transfer medium, also. It is a terrific adhesive agent. Its adhesive qualities are activated only after baking. It increases the clay to clay bond between raw layers of clay, and when adding raw layers to previously baked layers. Baking temperatures are similar to solid polymer clay, but translucence increases when the temperature is bumped to 300 degrees F for a short period of time. This technique takes careful attention and a well calibrated oven!
  • Liquid Sculpey is a translucent liquid form of polymer clay in a 2oz plastic bottle. After baking, it is semi-translucent, not white. Pour it into molds, paint it, or dribble it onto raw or baked Sculpey.
    Mix it with powdered pigments or oil-based paints to create your own colors, washes, swirls, and so forth. It can be used as a glue to bond one piece to another, either cured or uncured. Baking then forms a strong bond.
    Can be used also for transfering image from printed paper onto clay etc

  • More detail information click here from Sculpey website
  • Brand: Sculpey

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