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Metal Bag hanger component / 1pc

You must have seen this kind of bag hanger in the department store right ?
This is called "bag hanger", as it unravels to reveal itself as a ‘hook’ that you can suspend from your table whilst dining or drinking, and allows you to keep your handbag where you can see it, right by your side.
think about that for a moment. Instead of simply placing your bag on the floor, out of sight, and at risk of having drinks spilt on it, or worse, hanging it over the back of your chair, you now have an instant remedy, that you keep in your handbag, ready for any time you need to use it.

We now sell this bag hanger as a DIY component, where you can decorate them with your own design using flat back rhinestone or clay or whatever your imagination take you.
Make something different and show your creation !, or you can sell and make money.

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