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Electric Kiln Super Petit / 1 unit

Mica Plate (Brown Transparent Round Plate)
>> For Art Clay
Do not put this on an observation hatch.
While baking, gas comes out.
To degass, use the machine without this mica plate.
>>For Cloisonné (Shippou Yaki)
Recommended to use this mica plate.
** How to put Mica Plate **
Loosen with a screwdriver of diamond shape plate
that is attached to the door of the electric kiln.
Then put this mica plate in the gap between the door
and this diamond shape plate and tighten with the driver again.

  • Heater on 4 sides, max temperature 999?
  • Electric 400W ? 100V 50/60Hz
  • Dimension inside : 85mm(w) x 60mm(h) x 120mm(d)
  • Dimensin outside : 185mm(w) x 255mm(h) x 222mm(d)
  • Weight 4.92kg, Shipping Weight 6.75kg
  • Include : instruction book, kaowool board, heat resistance base, and other spare parts.
NOTE : this product is NOT a ready stock item, we have to order from the manufacturer. ( it may take some time to get them ).
This product is NOT including shipping cost which may become a bit expensive, please ASK before purchasing.
  • Brand: artclay

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