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mizukaki YO fude ( Brush ) : Kaimei brand /1pc

With a brush dedicated to water writing, it can be used with peace of mind by children without polluting the surroundings.
Easy to carry, no matter indoors or outdoors.
Since it can be written with only the minimum amount of water, it is environmentally friendly.
After use, it is not necessary to wash the tip just by putting on the cap.

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Attention : Usually it takes like 1 weeks until we can get the stock and send to you.

id:1062 (sku:PNT-BRS-085F1)  
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
-   - small tip PET (length of the tip:17mm) 440 0
-   - small tip Horse hair (length of the tip:17mm) 640 1
-   -BIG tip Horse hair (length of the tip:45mm) 1,540 0
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