Other parts & Metal componentCords : Leather, Rubber, Satin cord, Para cord etc

Hemptique Bamboo cord /1pack
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11490-Jewel   Jewel 9.1M x 4color 560 1
11490-Neon   Neon 9.1M x 4color 560 2
11490-Black   Spool Black 62.5M 660 2
11490-Brown   Spool Brown 62.5M 660 2
11490-NGreen   Spool Neon Green 62.5M 660 4
11490-NOrange   Spool Neon Orange 62.5M 660 4
11490-NPink   Spool Neon Pink 62.5M 660 4
11490-NTurquise   Spool Neon Turquise 62.5M 660 4
11490-White   Spool White 62.5M 660 4
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