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Corsage Flower Lace / 1pc

Now you can make your own corsage easily with this lace!
You can do this activity with your daughter and teach her to make her own hair corsage design.
Wave 45mmx1m
Heart 30mmx1m
id:1178 (sku:PO-LACE-012A1)  
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
1178ga   Heart Garnet 105 7
1178lr   Heart Light Rose 105 0 X
1178ro   Heart Rose 105 12
1178or   Heart Orchid 105 12
1178cp   Wave Coral Pink 126 5
1178lp   Wave Light Pink 126 0 X
1178pk   Wave Pink 126 0 X
1178ma   Wave Mauve 126 1
50 or more 30%
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