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Finetec pearlescent colours / 1set
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12339-0600   F0600
Arabic gold, Olympic gold, Bronze, Kappa, Silver, Champagne silver
4,000 0
12339-0601   F0601
Arabic gold, Olympic gold, Pearl gold, Royal gold, Silver, Champagne Silver
4,000 0
12339-1200   F1200
Crystal gold, Pearl gold, Orange kappa, Red, Purple, Amethyst, Sapphire blue, Caribbean green, Blue silver, Deep black, Pearl silver, Mystic color
7,000 0
12339-5600   F5600
Gold, Gold kappa, Light purple, Amethyst, Sapphire, Jade green
4,000 0
12339-2400   F2400
Crystal gold, Arabic gold, Olympic gold, Pearl gold, Royal gold, Bronze, Hazelnut, Golden rose, Orange kappa, Tangero, Ruby, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Amethyst, High chroma blue, Caribbean green, Mint, Blue silver, Deep black, Platinum, Silver, [Flip-Flop] Patina, [Flip-Flop] Twilight
11,000 0
12339-0602   F0602
Vintage lilac, High chroma blue, Emerald, Mint, Platinum, [Flip-Flop] Patina
4,000 0
12339-0603   F0603
Hazelnut, Golden rose, Tangero, Ruby, Fuchsia, [Flip-Flop] Autumn gold
4,000 0
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