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Spray booth ( Proxxon ) / 1set

Spray Booth Set with ventilation fan and duct hose
Perfect mini-booth in the studio artwork.
The fan use cyclo fan motor which has very quiet ( very low noise )
Suitable for working in art studio, glass carving, clay working etc.


  • Electric for fan 100V(50/60Hz), 11watt
  • Size w450mm x h370mm x d425mm
  • Filter (3 included)
  • Aluminum duct hose diam 75mm x 1.5meter length
Installation of fan (ventilation) is very easy to install and change for maintenance. You can flow the smell / dust from the spray booth to the outside window using included duct hose. You can put a bucket of water near the end of the duct hose to catch / collect the dust. (The spray booth filter will catch approx 50% of the dust / smell, and the water will catch the rest.
For painting and air brush work For grinding / carving work


  • Spray booth unit
  • Ventilation fan
  • Duct hose (1.5m)
  • Filter (3 sets)
  • Brand: Proxxon

    Note: Input Voltage of this product might not suitable for your country
    You might need "Step up" or "Step Down" transformer

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