Mokei : Model making (clay, diorama etc)Clay : Oven baked clay

Polymer clay : Premo Sculpey Clay / 1 pc 454gram
Premo Sculpey is a professional quality modeling clay that bakes in any home oven. Premo Sculpey quickly reaches a workable state with minimal conditioning and remains soft and pliable while offering extra resistance without crumbling. Mix Premo Sculpey with other polymer clay colors, powders or pigments for interesting colors and textural effects.

Premo Sculpey should be cured at 275º F (130 C) in a preheated oven for 30 minutes per quarter inch of thickness. DO NOT MICROWAVE. Once cured, the colors intensify and deepen.

Hint: Conditioning of all polymer clays may be facilitated with the use of a pasta machine. Simply cut the block in half and feed each half through the largest setting. Repeat 10 times more and your clay should be conditioned.
  • Size: 1pound (454 gram)
  • Brand: Sculpey

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