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Metal polishing : Pikal® Care (#04975-AB)/ 1tube 150g

The Pikal® professional metal polishing and cleaning compounds are well known for their excellent results in many applications with a positive track record of nearly 100 years. The original formulation with aluminum oxide as abrasive material still serves well today. Pikal metal polishing compounds are widely used for polishing:
  • in manufacturing for polishing machined parts, surface finishing and precision polishing
  • cleaning of instrumentation such as electron microscopes, vacuum equipment analytical instruments - used by many service engineers
  • precision mechanics like cleaning and polishing of air-lock systems, positioning systems, shutters in vacuum systems
  • polishing and cleaning of substrates for thin film deposition and thin film research (glass, metals, silicon)
  • medical equipment to give it an easy to clean smooth surface finish
Supplied in a tube and is specially suitable for stainless steel products and surfaces. Can be applied directly on the products and polished with wipes.
  • Brand: Pikal

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