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Smart solder for silver / 1 syringe ( 7.75-8 gram).
Solder safely with the proven reliability of LEAD free, Cadmium free
This Smart Solder is free-flowing at very low temperatures and creates a clean, tarnish free, silver color joints.
Already contains special flux formula, NO NEED additional flux agent.
Ideal for use with all non-ferrous metals except aluminum
Extremely strong final joint is silver color.
Composition : 96%tin, 3.5% silver, 0.35% antimony and a flux agent.
Flow temp: 212'Celcius
Tensile strength: 10.000 - 25.000 (psi)
Syringe qty: 15gram
  • Brand: Eurotool

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    0   0.25oz(7.77gram) 822.10 Soft
    Flow: 718°Melt : 671°
    1,980 3
    0   0.25oz(7.77gram) 822.15 Medium
    Flow: 738°Melt: 690°
    2,080 6
    0   0.25oz(7.77gram)822.20 Hard
    Flow: 788°Melt:740°
    2,180 6
    0   0.50oz(15.55gram) 825.15 Medium
    Flow: 738°Melt: 690°
    3,960 5
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