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Epiphany Crafts : Shape Studio Tool /1pc
Create custom acrylic buttons or epoxy shapes using scrap paper. Just insert the paper into the Button Studio tool or Shape Studio Tool, remove the adhesive backing from a clear button or shape piece and place it in the tool - then press down! The end result is a unique embellishment perfect for gluing onto any paper crafting project.
For Clear Bubble cups clik here
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  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
.   x. -not available any more- Round 14mm 2,200 0
.   x. -not available any more- Round 25mm 2,200 0
12805-heart25   Heart 25mm 2,200 3
12805-oval25   Oval 25mm 2,200 2
12805-square25   Square 25mm 2,200 4
12805-star25   Star 25mm 2,200 4
.   x. -not available any more- Scalloped Circle 25mm 2,200 0
12805-flower25   Flower 25mm 2,200 4
12805-pennant25   Pennant 25mm 2,200 2
12805-butro14   Button Round 14mm 2,200 2
12805-butro20   Button Round 20mm 2,200 5
12805-butflo20   Button Flower 20mm 2,200 3
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