Mokei : Model making (clay, diorama etc)Decor craft : Candle & Soap making craft

Mold for Aroma stone / 1pc
It's easy to create you unique style soap from this soap clay for making a gift or souvenir.
Perfect for craftwork with texture like a flower making, miniatures,large figures,etc.
All soaps are 100% handmade and 100% made of natural products, made from plant oils. Soap suitable for delicate skin.
To keep longer it is best to store in the airtight container.
6 color available.
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Dress B
57x67mm 580 1

Dress C
64x42mm 580 1

Dress D
68x59mm 680 1

Dress E
88x59mm 680 1

Dress 3D A
85x45x42mm 1,980 1