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Ribbon Printer: Girly Tepra (SR-GL1 & SR-GL2) / 1unit
Girly Tepra is a very cute and colorful printer for making a font / word in ribbon so you can make your own design ribbon for wrapping stuff.
You can print in English and Japanese — included are kanji characters, hiragana, katakana, numbers, special symbols and of course emoji.
The ribbon cartridge (sold separately) come in various colors and patterns and ink.
The portable Girly Tepra — which looks a lot like a miniature accessories box feeds on 6 AAA batteries.
* You need batteries (not included)

  1. ON/OFF Button

  2. Edit Button
    Layout, change Horizontal / Vertical, set spacing between characters, decorated characters

  3. Frame / Initial Button
    Set frame / Make initial mark

  4. Font Button
    Change fonts

  5. Character Size Button
    Change the size of a characters

  6. Automatic Cut
    Change automatic cut to manual cut, and manual cut to automatic cut.

  7. Print
    Print the contents on a tape and cut the tape automatically.

    (11) + (7) >> Preview
    A printing image can be checked.

  8. Fast forward a tape Button
    Fast forward a tape and cut the tape.

    (11) + (8) >> Fix Print Length
    The length of a label is specified.

  9. Special Print Button
    Mirror writing print, and continuation printing and ribbon continuation printing can be chosen.

    (11) + (9) >> printing density
    Printing concentration can be set up.

  10. Deletion, Cancellation Button
    The character of the cursor position (left-hand side of a cursor) will be deleted.
    Operation will be canceled.

  11. Shift Button
    Push together with other function button. ( See "7", "8", "9", "12", "15", "16" )
    Push together with a character buttons, and capital letters and coded signals can be inputted.

  12. Change Input Mode Button
    Input mode can be changed: It changes in order of "hiragana(Japanse) > katakana(Japanse) > ABC(capital letter) > abc (small letter)."

    (11) + (12) input by codes
    The Chinese characters will be inputted by codes.

  13. File / Form Button
    Save and open documents.
    Open design forms.

  14. Chinese Character Conversion / Space Input Button
    Convert pending Hiragana(Japanese) into Chinese characters.
    A space will be inputted when there is no pending characters.
    The following conversion candidate will be displayed during Chinese character conversion.

  15. Cursor Button
    A cursor and a selection candidate can be moved vertically and horizontally.

    (11) + (15) Cursor jump
    A cursor can be moved to a head and a end of a paragraph, a head and a end of the sentence.

  16. Enter Button
    Use to decide the choice.
    A new line will be made when there is nothing to decied.

    (11) + (16) Change paragraph
    A new paragraph can be made.

  17. Sign and Pictorial Symbol Button
    A sign, a pictorial symbol, and a double figure number will be inputted.

  18. Character Button
    Letters will be inputted.

Manual (Japanese) click here
  • weight: 550g (without batteries)
    ver.1Display 6 character 4 lines
    ver.2Display 8 character 4 lines
    180dpi·96dot more detail

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    14212-1   SR-GL1 8,300 0
    14212-2   SR-GL2 13,600 0
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