Paper craft & StationaryBinding ( punch , stapler etc )

Smile Gachuck & Gachadama / 1set
Gachadama is a japanese smart clipper, is ideal for binding bundles of paper.
This fastening method is as secure as staples, but easily removed without damaging paper.
Gachadama can binds up to 36 sheets of paper at once.
Set Smile Gachuck : Tools & 8pc Gachadama
Set Gachadama : 24pc Gachadama
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  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
14274-GN   Green Tool & 8pc Gachadama 525 2
14274-PK   Pink Tool & 8pc Gachadama 525 0
14274-WH   White Tool & 8pc Gachadama 525 0
14274-DAMA   24pc refill Gachadama (Color Mix) 525 0
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