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Sew Ribbon Tool & Stencil / 1set
Add beautiful accent to any project with Sew Ribbon . Just score and sew the ribbon!
This package contains one template; three ribbon needles and blade.
How To Use:
  • Align the two parts of the stencil anywhere on a sheet of paper; one on top and one underneath.
  • Use the punch tool to punch out a perfectly aligned design.
  • Weave ribbon in an out of the punched design to create a unique ribbon embellishment.
    Available in a variety of designs: each sold separately.
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    1560-shoelace   Shoelace 1,950 0
    .   x. -not available any more- Weave 1,950 0
    .   x. -not available any more- Zig Zag 1,950 0
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