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LiHit ALTNA : Tool Bag / 1pc
Even though it is light, it stands firmly and is a large capacity and convenient tool bag.
Durable and strong elastic fabric.
Outer pocket easy to put in and out tools. (Both sides)
The inside of the outer pocket is a napped brushed fabric friendly to the accommodation.
With a flap that can hide the contents.
The bottom surface is a quick-wiping coating fabric.
With drawer handle on the side. You can also insert a pen or cable.

Load capacity (approx.) 50 kg (main handle part)
Hand washable

As a mobile bag in the office As a leisure bag at the time of going out As a tool bag inside the car

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16197-7550-11   A-7750-11 Horizontal type Navy 4,024 0
16197-7550-22   A-7750-22 Horizontal type Olive 4,024 0
16197-7550-24   A-7750-24 Horizontal type Black 4,024 0
16197-7551-11   A-7751-11 Vertical type Navy 4,024 0
16197-7551-22   A-7751-22 Vertical type Olive 4,024 0
16197-7551-24   A-7751-24 Vertical type Black 4,024 0
16197-7752-11   A-7752-11 Lite Navy 3,024 0
16197-7752-22   A-7752-22 Lite Olive 3,024 0
16197-7752-24   A-7752-24 Lite Black 3,024 0
16197-7760-11   A-7760-11 Stand bag Navy 4,024 0
16197-7760-22   A-7760-22 Stand bag Olive 4,024 0
16197-7760-24   A-7760-24 Stand bag Black 4,024 0
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