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Clay adjustable stripping cutter / 1set

Create perfectly parallel strips of clay in just about any width up to 1/2" (12mm) with this hand blade tool. The tool comes with five blades and 12 pairs of brass washers. Arrange the blades and washers in a variety of configurations to achieve the cut width you want. For example, use two blades with all 12 washer pairs to create a single strip approximately 1/2" wide. Or use all five blades separated by single washer pairs to create four strips approximately 1/32" (.8mm) wide. Mix and match blades and washers to achieve whatever width (or widths) you like. Roll out your metal clay, or start with a sheet of PMC® paper. Hold the blade tool at a slight angle, apply firm pressure and pull the blades through the clay slowly and smoothly.
Blade size: 2.25 inch (W) x 0.75 inch(H)

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