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Amaco Mix-a-Mold / 1pc

In just two minutes, you're ready to make perfect reproductions in perfect detail. Works with virtually any casting medium.

Mix-a-MoldTM makes it easier than ever before to make perfect reproductions of three dimensional objects. Mix-a-MoldTM is fast and fun and picks up every detail. Supplied in powder form, it mixes with water and the mold is ready in two minutes. Fill the mold with any other casting medium.

Follow the directions on the box for mixing ratios, but remember that you can speed the setting time by increasing the Mix-A-Mold™ used or delay the setting time by increasing the water used. Either way it still will set up in a few minutes. When set, it is a soft and rubbery material. It can be used even when you have undercuts because of its great flexibility.
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