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Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters #550 : Simplex Classic 101cm / 1 set
A full featured artist's level mat cutter with an economy price. The Simplex Classic series is the all-purpose Logan mat cutting tool used by thousands of artists worldwide. The Simplex Classic Mat cutter is a base board mounted mat cutter with either 40" (101cm) or 60" (152cm) capacity. It features a hinging guide rail with production stops, parallel mat guide in aluminum channels, 27" (68.6cm) squaring arm with stop, bevel and straight cutting, plus free set up and instruction DVD. Also includes a copy of Logan's newly updated Complete Guide to Home Picture Framing. Uses Logan 270 blades.
  • Cutting board base : 45 inch
  • Square arm with stop 81cm
  • Two guiderail production stop
  • Mat guide
  • Heavy duty bevel cutter
  • Heavy duty straight cutter
  • 5 blades
  • Picture framing book
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