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Fantasy Mold material : Silicone liquid Platinum cure
  • Mix equal parts by weight of part A and part B.
  • Mix thoroughly, but do not whip and create excess bubbles. For best results, after mixing, pour into a second container and continue mixing, scraping the sides.
  • Do not mix in paper cups or stir with wood stir sticks. They can cause inhibition of cure.
  • Pour mixture into corner of mold container, allowing fluid to slowly rise around the part. You have approxi-mately 15 minutes working time. Silicone sets in about 2 hours, and is fully cured in 24 hours.
  • To make a blanket mold or a mold on a vertical surface, apply a thin coat of silicone and allow to cure. Thicken a new batch with TAP Thixotropic Additive and “butter” on for a final coat.Because of the low viscosity, there is seldom need to de-air the silicone by use of a vacuum. Platinum cure silicones are subject to inhibition from sulfur containing materials.
  • Always test a small area before beginning bigger project.
Important Note This is Platinum cure silicone, which is very Materials to avoid when working with platinum cure silicone (they can prevent the silicone from curing): Tin containing compounds such as tin cure silicone• Sulfur or nitrogen containing compounds such as latex, wood, PVC, Neoprene Rubber, epoxy.• The following common items: • Scotch tape • Vinyl electrical tape, • Acid or Rosin core solder flux • Some masking tapes. • Some pigments and dye

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