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Pellon Sew-In Stabilizer /1m x 50cm
  • 30 Pellon® Stabilizer Lightweight is a sew-in, nonwoven stabilizer for light, crisp support.
  • 40 Pellon® Stabilizer Midweight is a mid- to heavyweight sew-in stabilizer for firm, crisp support.
  • 50 Pellon® Stabilizer Heavyweight is a sew-in stabilizer for extra firm body and stiffening.
  • 65 Pellon® Stabilizer Extra Heavyweight is a sew-in interfacing for extra firm body and stiffening.

Sewing machine safe.
Machine wash warm. Tumble dry medium or dry clean.
  • Brand: Pellon

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    -   30 Lightweight
    100% Polyester,great for use in wall hangings, and kitchen and fashion accessories.
    480 13
    -   40 Midweight
    100% Polyester, great for hat brims, tote bags, and needlecraft backings.
    510 7
    -   50 Heavyweight
    100% Polyester,great for use in printing, visor brims, backpacks, and drapery headers
    540 16
    -   65 Extra Heavyweight
    70% Nylon/30% Polyester, for use in printing, visor brims, backpacks.
    580 19
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