Other parts & Metal componentBeads and spacer from metal

Metal spacer Tube curved / 1pc
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186-Ag   A: 25x3mm Pink Gold plated 150 20
186-As   A: 25x3mm Silver plated 150 20
186-Bs   B: 25x4mm Silver plated 210 10
186-Cg   C: 35x4mm Gold plated 210 30
186-Cs   C: 35x4mm Silver plated 210 10
186-Dg   D: 35x4mm Gold plated 210 20
186-Ds   D: 35x4mm Silver plated 210 20
186-Eg   E: 50x3mm Gold plated 280 20
186-Es   E: 50x3mm Silver plated 280 20
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