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Portable stamping machine : MarkinBox / 1 unit

  • Compact, Fast and Flexible While small in size, the MarkinBOX 3315 (MB3315) is a big deal in part marking flexibility and functionality. Compact and lightweight, the MB3315 can be positioned at any angle with the marking head directly on any area that needs to be marked. The model is easy to use and its ergonomic design features easy-access controls and a comfortable hand strap for stability.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications, including, aerospace, automotive, electrical and semi com, marine, medical, mechanical, and oil and gas, the MB3315 can mark ten 3mm letters in as little as five seconds. A range of standard TOCHO fonts are available, as well as custom fonts and logos. Both 2D Matrix and QR codes can also be created for enhanced traceability.
  • In addition to its hand-held capabilities, the MB3315 can be integrated into a production line or tool stand mount, depending on the demands of the manufacturing environment
Marking Area X x Y axis: 1.30? x .60? (33 x 15mm)
Character Height .04? ~ .60? (1~15mm) (0.1mm Pitch)
Character Width Height x 10% ~ 200%
Number of Lines Up to 10 Lines of Text
Character Pitch .04? (1mm) (0.1mm Pitch)
Electrical Power 120 VAC, 60Hz
Approvals UL and CE on Adapter
I.O. Input 12 / Output 8 Point
Communication Port USB/RS232C/LAN/Bluetooth/DIO
Marking Technology Solenoid Drive
Marking Head Dimensions 4.6? W x 2.9? D x 7.5? H
(116 x 73 x 190mm)
Controller Dimensions 6.60? W x 5.70? D x 8.70? H
(66 x 144 x 220mm)
Marking Head Weight 3.3lbs (1.5Kg) incl. 9' (3m) cable
Controller Weight 3.1lbs (1.4Kg)
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