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Nonaka Japanese Screw Punch / 1pc

The screw punch is a tool which was invented by Nonaka Mfg.Co.,Ltd in 1977.Acquired the Patent in the same year.
This tool was designed for making holes with torque force in a variety of materials.
Before the invention of the screwpunch, it was necessary to hammer the top of a wooden punch in order to make holes in the material. Therefore, people had to use varying forces according to the thickness of the material. Since it was quite noisy, this old tool could only be used in limited places and at certain times.
Over time, Mr.Kiichi Nonaka developed this tool to be used more easily and conveniently, and named it the Screwpunch.
You do not need to strike the top of the screwpunch nor rotate a blade by hand. Since it makes no noise, you can use it even at night.
Also, with our new range of blades, it is now possible to make different sized holes using just one Screwpunch.
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18822c-t   Main unit
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4,600 3
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 1.0mm 1,100 9
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 1.2mm 900 16
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 1.5mm 900 10
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 1.8mm 900 10
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 2.0mm 900 8
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 2.5mm 900 6
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 3.0mm 900 7
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 3.5mm 900 7
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 4.0mm 900 3
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 4.5mm 900 12
18822d-t   Refill - Blade 5.0mm 900 3
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