Leather craftLeather kit

Leather craft kit : Sewing tool kit /1set
Standard Deluxe
Stitching hole punch 2 hole 2mm pitch O O
Stitching hole punch 4 hole 2mm pitch O O
Wooden mallet O O
Stitching groover O O
Rubber block for base O O
Wax O O
Stitching awl O O
White glue for leather O O
Tokonol ( clear ) for side coating O O
Stylus O O
Stitching roulette O O
Glue spreader O O
Compas divider O O
LCSP coat O O
Book O O
Hand stitching needle set (6 types ) O O
Foam brush O O
Stitching thread (medium ) O O
Coin case kit O X
Wood slicker X O
Setting tools O X
Jumper button setting tool O X
NT Dresser X O
Lacing ponny Small Large
Other Hera Heri Otoshi #2
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  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
1887-st   Basic - Standard 22,000 0
1887-dx   Deluxe 32,000 1
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