Leather craftLeather kit

Leather craft kit : Leather Hand Sewing set /1set
    Contents :
  • 2 prong pricking iron 2mm
  • 4 prong pricking iron 2mm
  • scratch awl
  • stitching groover
  • edge beveler no.1
  • Abbrasive stick
  • Slicker &Holder
  • Toko finish
  • Gluing spatula 20mm
  • Water based Leather cement
  • Wooden Hammer
  • Poundo board
  • Pond noise deadener
  • Sewing needle small 5 pcs
  • Ramie thread
  • Hand sewing guidebook
Standard type plus below
  • Sewing wax
  • Leather knife
  • Cutting board
  • Card pass case kit
  • Brand: Craftsha

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