Mokei : Model making (clay, diorama etc)Paverpol

Paver Scrub /1pc
PaverScrub are flakes that you can use in a various ways to make Stone textured surface.
Combine with Paverpol grey, Art Stone and Paverscrub give your artwork a decorative and colorful look; The mixing ratio of PaverScrub and Art Stone is 1:1

Sample to make, In Yang stone
  • Make a circle base for Yin Yang from Styrofoam.
  • Apply a layer of PaverPol grey with brush ( this is for preparing good adhesion to the foam).
  • While still wet, apply another layer of Paverpol mixed with Art Stone (1 : 1)
  • Then.. sprinkle PaverScrub over still wet surface, and rub / scrub it over with fingers. The longer you rub, the deeper the colour will be.

If you want to put it outside (weather proof), apply Josefine varnish.

Video click here
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