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Gentos : Lantern LED EX-777XP the Explorer / 1set
The light from the LEDs is a warm yellow and not the harsher bluish white you normally see and is really bright.

It remains to be seen if it really gets the 72 hours of continuous use on high mode that is quoted but if it does without dimming too much as the end of the time is reached.

You can remove the lamp cover and there is an intergrated hook on the base so you can hang it upside down and not have any shadows underneath the lamp.

One neat feature that I had not seen before was that the lamp has a very small dim green LED above the power button that periodically flashes when the lamp is turned off. This allows you to find the lamp easily even in pitch dark and to know the power switch is right under the LED.
Output (Lumen) 280
Intensity -
Distance (m) -
Power / run time -
Other -
  • Brand: Gentos

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