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Transparent casting wax sheet (6in. x 6in.) / set (12pc)
Smooth flexible and transparent these thin wax sheets allow easy tracing design and molding of free form shapes. Melts at 177°F/81°C. Each box contains 12 sheets measuring 6 x 6 -152mm x 152mm-.
  • Size: 6in. x 6in. (152mm x 152mm)
  • id:2172(sku:PO-WAX-02G000)  
      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    0   32 gauge (0.20mm) 2,750 1
    0   x. -not available any more- 24 gauge (0.51mm)

    2,750 0 X
    0   18 gauge (1.02mm) 2,750 1
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