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Ring firing kit (Ceramic Shrinkage Stopper Set #8-#17) /1set

Designed specifically for use with PMC3™ and PMC+™, these ceramic shrinkage stoppers help control shrinkage of rings during firing.
After firing, rings are round, smooth and ready to finish.
This set includes:
  • four shrinkage stoppers (for making rings size #8 - #17 Japanese sizes):
  • one package of ten 600 x 20mm white ceramic tape strips that prevent the clay from sticking to the stopper
  • • one package of ten 600 x 20mm black alumina tape strips that smooth the inside of your rings as they fire
The ceramic stoppers are re-usable, and the strips are long enough for firing approximately two rings; alumina and ceramic replacement strips are also available. Trim each strip to the exact length of the stopper's outside diameter. Wrap the ceramic tape around the stopper, followed by the alumina tape. Place it inside your ring before firing. Your ring will form around the stopper.

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