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Clear Glass Dome Cabochon /1pc

Clear glass cabochons magnify designs and patterns when placed on top of paper or fabric. Best used with earring, cuff link, ring and other flat-pad findings. Adhere paper or fabric to the flat side of the cabochon using Mod Podge® or clear-drying adhesives. Cabochons are non-calibrated and may vary plus or minus 1mm. Glass cabochons can contain minor flaws. Sizes and shapes vary.

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id:2198 (sku:PO-LP-000A001)  
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
2198-Heart   Heart 25mm 120 5
2198-oval18   Oval 18x13mm 80 0 X
2198-oval25   Oval 25x18mm 90 4
2198-oval30   Oval 30x22mm 120 0 X
2198-oval40   Oval 40x30mm 180 1
2198-Rectangl35   Rectangle 35x25mm 180 8
2198-Rectangl50   Rectangle 50x25mm 240 0 X
2198-round16   Round 16mm 55 0 X
2198-round20   Round 20mm 60 0 X
2198-round25   Round 25mm 90 0 X
2198-round30   Round 30mm 130 0 X
2198-round38   Round 38mm 180 0 X
2198-square16   Square 16x16mm 55 8
2198-square20   Square 20x20mm 60 0 X
2198-square25   Square 25x25mm 90 8
2198-square30   Square 30x30mm 130 0 X
2198-square35   Square 35x35mm 180 0 X
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