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Catalyst wedge : spreader / 1pc

Not quite a brush. Not quite a palette knife. Princeton Catalyst Blades and Mini-Blades are crafted from flexible silicone to give artists exciting new tools for expression. Mounted on artist brush handles, they offer a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Designed for use with heavy body paints, Catalyst Blades are at home with oils, acrylics, and water mixable oils. Because they're heat-resistant, they excel with encaustics. Artists are using them with plaster, clay, and even frosting. Made of FDA-approved silicone, they're great for food crafting.

Cleanup is a breeze with Catalyst Blades and Mini-Blades — in most cases it can be done with mild soap and water. The solvent-resistant silicone is simple to wipe clean, and dried paint can easily be peeled off their surfaces. Dishwasher safe, they can be separated from their handles for cleaning and replaced when dry.
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  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
22316-C21   .Contours No.21 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C22   .Contours No.22 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C23   .Contours No.23 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C24   .Contours No.24 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C61   .Contours No.61 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C62   .Contours No.62 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C63   .Contours No.63 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C64   .Contours No.64 (80x65mm) 540 1
22316-C81   .Contours No.81 (80x65mm) 540 0
22316-C82   .Contours No.82 (98x65mm) 540 0
22316-C83   .Contours No.83 (90x65mm) 540 0
22316-C84   .Contours No.84 (90x65mm) 540 0
22316-W01   .Wedges W-01 (119x71mm) 690 1
22316-W02   .Wedges W-02 (119x71mm) 690 1
22316-W03   .Wedges W-03 (119x71mm) 690 1
22316-W04   .Wedges W-04 (119x71mm) 690 1
22316-W05   .Wedges W-05 (119x71mm) 690 1
22316-W06   .Wedges W-06 (119x71mm) 690 0
22316-B1501   Blades 01Gray 15mm (320x19mm) 940 0
22316-B3001   Blades 01Gray 30mm (345x35mm) 1,240 0
22316-B5001   Blades 01Gray 50mm (367x57mm) 1,540 0
22316-B1502   Blades 02Blue 15mm (320x19mm) 940 0
22316-B3002   Blades 02Blue 30mm (345x35mm) 1,240 0
22316-B5002   Blades 02Blue 50mm (367x57mm) 1,540 0
22316-B1503   Blades 03Green 15mm (320x19mm) 940 0
22316-B3003   Blades 03Green 30mm (345x35mm) 1,240 0
22316-B5003   Blades 03Green 50mm (366x57mm) 1,540 0
22316-B1504   Blades 04Yellow 15mm (320x19mm) 940 0
22316-B3004   Blades 04Yellow 30mm (346x35mm) 1,240 0
22316-B5004   Blades 04Yellow 50mm (373x57mm) 1,540 0
22316-B1505   Blades 05Orange 15mm (319x19mm) 940 0
22316-B3005   Blades 05Orange 30mm (345x35mm) 1,240 0
22316-B5005   Blades 05Orange 50mm (368x58mm) 1,540 0
22316-B1506   Blades 06White 15mm (320x19mm) 940 0
22316-B3006   Blades 06White 30mm (345x35mm) 1,240 0
22316-B5006   Blades 06White 50mm (368x57mm) 1,540 0
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