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Foredom system: Handpiece only (H) / 1unit

Made in U.S.A slim type
For highspeed use
using standard 2.35mm size collet

Made in Italy, using quick release lever.
2.35mm collet (135g diam 19mm×270mm)

(135g diam19mm×270mm)

Made in China
2.35mm collet
(115g diam 19×137mm)

# 30
The most popular and the most standard use (multi purpose) (163g diam 25×130mm)

# 44T
(198g diam 25mm×142mm)

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id:2408 (sku:TO-FRDM-110H0)  
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
2408-8D   .8D 13,800 0
2408-10D   10D 42,000 0
2408-15D   15D 25,500 0
2408-20   20 13,800 0
2408-30   30
General purpose this is the most popular to use
10,300 0
2408-44T   44T
The H.44T is a collet type handpiece
Include 3 size collet 3/32 1/8 and 1/4 inch collet
10,300 0
2408-50C   50C 12,300 0
2408-52D   52D 29,100 0
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