Gemstone Loose stone (Semi precious stone, diamonds)Cubic Zirconia ( No hole )
Need special cut and color in CZ ( Cubic Zirconia ) ?
We can custom cut almost any shape and size or color according to your requirements. with minimum is only 100 pcs.
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Signity - Swarovski Pre-Setting Bezel round / 1pc
The Bezel provides straightforward application by simply pressing the Presetting into a precision-drilled hole. The specially designed hooks fitted to the mounting secure it firmly in the hole, excluding the need for soldering or adhesives.
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
2733-gd   1.50mm (Gold) #15625 95 70
2733-sv   1.50mm (Silver) #15626 95 30
2733-gd   2.00mm (Gold) #14488 100 1
2733-sv   2.00mm (Silver) #14489 100 0 X
2733-sv   2.25mm (Silver) #15355 100 0 X
2733-sv   2.50mm (Silver) #15655 110 0 X
2733-sv   3.00mm (Silver) #14643 120 0 X
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