Gemstone Loose stone (Semi precious stone, diamonds)Cubic Zirconia ( No hole )
Need special cut and color in CZ ( Cubic Zirconia ) ?
We can custom cut almost any shape and size or color according to your requirements. with minimum is only 100 pcs.
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Signity - Swarovski Pre-Setting Bezel round / 1pc
The Bezel provides straightforward application by simply pressing the Presetting into a precision-drilled hole. The specially designed hooks fitted to the mounting secure it firmly in the hole, excluding the need for soldering or adhesives.

Sorry, this product is discontinued
we are still searching for similar items to replace.

  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
2733-gd   1.50mm (Gold) #15625 95 70
2733-sv   1.50mm (Silver) #15626 95 30
2733-gd   2.00mm (Gold) #14488 100 45
2733-sv   2.00mm (Silver) #14489 100 48
2733-sv   2.25mm (Silver) #15355 100 80
2733-sv   2.50mm (Silver) #15655 110 0 X
2733-sv   3.00mm (Silver) #14643 120 80
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