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Metal End Caps / 1set (2pc)
  1. Cut the end of the cord (knitting cord) with a flush cutter.
  2. Pinch the end and roll it between your fingers to wrap the outer knitted wire around the end of the bead chain.
  3. Make sure your end cap is open wide enough to fit the chain. Place the end of the Capture all the way into the open end cap so that there is a round bead sitting in each square compartment.
  4. Use a nylon jaw plier to squeeze the end cap completely closed. There should be no open space along the sides.
This end part is for knitting cord
  • size(w x h)
    1 strand:5.0x13.5mm
    2 strand:8.5x13.0mm
    3 strand:12.0x12.0mm
  • id:3360(sku:PO-51MESH-00B)  
      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    0   1 strand silver color 350 8
    0   1 strand gold color 350 1
    0   2 strand silver color 370 1
    0   2 strand gold color 370 4
    0   3 strand silver color 390 5
    0   3 strand gold color 390 3
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