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Padico Doll Finisher / 1pc
  • Waterbased Acrylic Polymer Emulsion coat for clay doll and modeling cast doll finish. Finish color is clear. Doll skin becomes matte texture with the first coating. Repeat coating for a few times and the skin becomes clear tranparent complexion. After the coating, you can make-up with color paints. Once the doll finisher either clear or gohun is coated on the skin, you can fix doll face make-up. Use a marketed painting oil for wipe lines off, and adjust the lines.
  • Brand: Padico

      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    3675-clear1   Mat 100ml 880 1
    3675-gohun1   x. -not available any more- Gohun 100ml

    880 0 X
    3675-gohun3   x. -not available any more- Gohun 300ml

    1,600 0 X
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